National Dog Show 1,2 i 10 FCI groups in Kleszczów 29.08.2020

UNO BONO Lu Dareva

Youth Winner/2 entered dogs in junior class

Best Junior in Breed

Best of Breed/ 8 entered dogs

Judge: Krystyna Opara


Carlanca is a traditional Spanish collar that protects the dog against wolves.

The photo shows our Ula in Carlanca.

Three International Dog Show in Szilvasvarad 20-22.08.2020 (HU)


3x Youth Winner

3x Best Junior in Breed

3x Best of Breed

Ula is new Junior Champion of Hungary!!!

National Dog Show in Golub-Dobrzyń 15.08.2020


Youth Winner, Best Junior in Breed, Best of Breed/7 entered dogs

BLANCA Mastifalco

ex.1/2, CAC, Best Adult Female

UNO BONO Lu Dareva

Youth Winner

Three International Dog Shows in Druskininkai 7-9.08.2020 (LT)


 3x Youth Winner

3x Best Junior in Breed,

2x Best of Breed,

2x finalist at Best in Show Junior competition

Best of Group III!!!

Ula is New Champion of Lithuania!!!


Dainora Sudeikiene,

Dina Korna,

Renata Petkeviciene


Hiszpania – lipiec 2020

As always, it was beautiful, tasty and innovative. We visited 3 Spanish Mastiff’s kennels, talking to professionals is always a great pleasure and a lesson. The first is Mastines de Entrexaldas, located on the top of a mountain in the Oviedo area. The second is Carranca de Hierro in Galicia and the third is Picu Moru in the mountains of Asturias. Each of the breeders devoted a huge amount of time to us, showed and described each dog along with the pedigree. Very open and hospitable people, refreshments, homemade cider and talks about dogs, I was in paradise! We brought 2 dogs to our kennel, a TRABUCO II de Carranca de Hierro puppy and ATTENTION! An adult, verified stud male, father of many beautiful children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in Spain. The dog was born in the kennel of a cynological judge, specialist, co-creator of the breed standard and an outstanding breeder known in Spain as “Padre de la Rasa” (Father of the breed) Luis Esquiro, ATREVIDO de Trashumancia. More information coming soon.