About us

The story of Lu Dareva begins in 2000, when the first Spanish Mastiff – BASIL Mastifland – came to our house. A beautiful fawn dog, which can now be found in most Polish and foreign pedigrees. An outstanding dog that perfectly transferred his genes. To this day, many kennels proudly present the next generations of Bazyl’s progeny. Together with Bazyl we entered the world of dog shows, and to this day it gives us great fun. Bazyl was Champion of few countries and won the title of Winner of Central and Eastern Europe. From the first months with Bazyl, We understood that Spanish Mastiff is THIS dog, and the breed will stay in our lives forever.

In 2001, Daisy Mastibe appeared in our house. A wonderful, red female which was the mother of the first litters in our kennel.

In 2003, Francesca was born in the Mastibe kennel, whose father was our Bazyl and mother of exceptional beauty Connie Mastibe. Already at the first meeting, Francesca stole our hearts with her beauty and character. Everyone who knows the dogs from this litter knows that they were exceptional, had numerous show successes and delighted the eye of the greatest connoisseurs, referees and breed specialists also on monografias in Spain.

Francesca is a very important dog in our kennel, because after her we left the first female with our kennel name – EVITA Lu Dareva. Evita was a very elegant, harmoniously built female, strong bone, with an ideal and characteristic head for the breed. Her father is DRUSO de la Aljabara from Spain. Litter “E” Lu dareva was exceptional, many puppies were in Poland and abroad’s kennels, they contributed to the development of the breed in Europe. One could write and write …

   This is how our story began, first of a mother, then to a completely inspered daughter who was raised from birth with these giants. Since 2005, we try to be every year at the most important events related to the breed in Spain, at Monografias and meetings with breeders. Thanks to Spanish mentors, long-term and multigenerational breeders, discussions and their advice, we try to improve the breed and strive for the ideal. Character, health and quality are the basis for a perfect exterior and an outstanding champion. We are the only Spanish Mastiff kennel in Poland with such a long experience and breeding only this one breed. We can also boast of the Bronze Badge of Honor of the Polish Kennel Club awarded to Ewa Jasińska by the Resolution of the Main Board of the Polish Kennel Club on December 14, 2016.

From the very beginning, we successfully show our dogs at Dog Shows in Poland and abroad. In 2011, at the International Dog Show in Wrocław, Daria made her debut in the show ring, accompanied by Jimena Lu Dareva. Since then, she has fallen in love with exhibitions, replacing her mother, who honestly prefers to hide behind the camera lens at the time. Moreover, until the age of 18, Daria successfully participated in the Junior Handler competition, which consists in presenting the dog in the best way according to its breed. However, her adventure with handling didn’t ended in Junior Handling competition. Currently, as a handler, he cooperates with many Polish breeders.

And why Lu Dareva?

We already tell you!

Lu Dareva is a combination of the names of our family members, because Lu Dareva is a “family company”. Lu from the name Łukasz (Lukas), is a husband and father, Łukasz is an eternal dreamer with a head in space, hence Lu from Luke SkyWalker. Dar and eva is obvious from Daria and Ewa. The kennel and its name were created before Iga was born. We create the family, dogs are our family, this is our passion. It’s us!

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